About Us

How We Started

Our center was started by six men and women who had a heart for those in our community struggling with pregnancy related issues.

Some of us have had experience with similar organizations in the past. Some of us have experienced difficult situations related to pregnancy and abortion. We come from many walks of life, and believe that we represent a cross section of our community.

Our Newsletters

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In 2014, we were voted best "Organization of the Year" by the Kingsland Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the Texas Senate and House of Representatives.

Highland Lakes Pregnancy Resource Center is recognized by IRS as a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and was incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Texas in January 2010.

We are affiliated with Heartbeat International,which is an organization that oversees hundreds of centers like us across the US and around the world. They have contributed greatly to our efforts with their materials and advice. We are also working with Focus on the Family who provides support and materials.

Our People

Our Board of Directors

  • Richard Goertz - Co-Chairman
  • Dennis Hill - Co-Chairman
  • Dave Zinnecker
  • Larry Hauptrief
  • Michael Lewellen
  • James (Kent) Cooper
  • Harold (Hal) Newell

Advisory Board

  • Pastor Bubba Stahl
  • Pastor Ira Orr
  • Dr. Grady Miller
  • Linda Brosset
  • Dr. Fred Brown


  • Jessica McRee-Grabert, Executive Director
  • Sheila Lewellen, Administrative Assistant
  • Richard (Rich) Welch, Media Relations
  • Karen Moncebaiz, Client Services Manager